Selected Work

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Inside San Francisco’s Housing Crisis

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Los Angeles Times article collection

Los Angeles Times / News articles

No Girls Allowed

Polygon / Feature

Puppy Love: How dogecoin spawned an improbable community

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Dodgeball: An Extreme Second Chance At Childhood

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Eve: The Most Thrilling Boring Game in the Universe

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Why A Deal Between Comcast and Netflix Matters to Gamers

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Keeping Women Out Of Games

Polygon / Video / Opinion


Hello there. My name is Tracey Lien and I am a journalist. I am currently a technology reporter at the Los Angeles Times.

I was born in Sydney, Australia. I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area, the United States of America. I do a very convincing South-West Sydney accent. I do not do a very convincing American accent.

My work has appeared on Vox, in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun Herald, The Age, New Matilda and AP. I spent two and a half years as a senior reporter for Polygon, a Vox Media brand. I was an online producer at Fairfax Media, associate editor at Kotaku Australia and was a researcher for Southern Star Entertainment, where I worked on a documentary series about Australian immigration and multiculturalism.

I won the Walkley Foundation’s Media Super Student Journalist of the Year award in 2010. I won the IT Journalism Award for overall Best Journalist in 2012. I won the Smithfield Public School Easter Egg raffle in 1995. I did not receive a cash prize for either of these achievements, which disappointed my parents.

I love you all.

tracey dot lien at gmail dot com