My name is Tracey and I am a writer, journalist and researcher currently getting my MFA in Kansas. I was a business reporter for the Los Angeles Times, researcher on The Wilderness, and writer on the Limetown podcast.

Below is a sample of my work. If you’d like to write me an email, just go ahead and do it.

Feature Stories

In Silicon Valley, even mobile homes are getting too pricey for longtime residents

Los Angeles Times / Feature

Farewell, headphone jack

Los Angeles Times / Feature

When tech companies go public, employees can strike it rich — or not. And then the trouble starts

Los Angeles Times / Feature

How a Safeway checker (who raps) got his break in video game biz

Los Angeles Times / Feature

The thorn in Uber’s side

Los Angeles Times / Profile

Newsy Stories

Tech industry reacts to Trump’s executive order on immigration with fear and frustration

Los Angeles Times / Article

Uber drivers welcome that $100-million settlement, but here’s what they’re still missing

Los Angeles Times / Article

Gamers won ‘Battlefront 2’ spat with EA, but in-game purchases will probably persist

Los Angeles Times / Article

Companies like Uber are staying private longer. Who’s holding them accountable?

Los Angeles Times / Article

Newsy Stories (the fun ones)

I failed my driving test twice. Will Google’s self-driving car save me?

Los Angeles Times / Essay

Silicon Valley welcomes Modi with song, dance — and a Shazam joke

Los Angeles Times / Article

Other Stories

Time Capsule

A Fiction / Short Story

My Country

It ain’t easy being Aussie / Lyrical Essay

The Things We Hide

My family used to hide a lot of gold / Essay

Adventure Time

A story about my Dad’s retirement / Essay

Bed Pan

One time I had to use a bed pan / Essay

Save Yourself Some Pie

Dating advice from my Dad / Essay

James Morgan

A story about my friend who died / Essay

Ian Hale

A story about another friend who died / Essay