Tracey Lien - Action Journalist
Tracey Lien is a San Francisco Bay Area-based journalist, online producer, and writer. She currently holds the position of senior reporter at Polygon, a Vox Media brand.

She has written for The Australian Associated Press, The Sun Herald, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, New Matilda, NineMSN, TimeOut Sydney, Gamasutra, Hyper, PC PowerPlay, MANIA, K-Zone, and a few other publications that donít immediately come to mind.

She was an online producer at Fairfax, has reported for ABC TVís Good Game, was associate editor of Kotaku Australia, and was a researcher for Southern Star Entertainment on a documentary about immigration and multiculturalism.

In 2010 she was the recipient of the Walkley Foundationís Media Super Student Journalist of the Year award for her investigative article, The Rise and Fallout of Red Ant. In 2012 she won the IT Journalism Award for Best Gaming Journalist, and was the first journalist to also win the overall Best Journalist category. For these achievements, she did not receive a cash prize, which disappointed her parents.